About Us

In the year of 1982, Prasad Seeds was born, eventually stood out as a trusted partner and service provider in the global seed industry.  PSPL is headquartered in  Southern India , Guntur,  meaning a place surrounded by water ponds – a renowned agricultural capital in Kingdom of Pratipalapura (500 BC)

With sound knowledge of land and a clear vision to empower the farming community, Quality in the DNA, Prasad Seeds was incorporated as Prasad Seeds Private Limited (PSPL) in the year 1986.

PSPL had a humble beginning as a jute seed production and marketing company.  PSPL attributes its success to scientific approach in seed production. It ensured superior germinating seeds available to farmers at the right time and at the right price. This has a built a reputation and branding in Indian Seed industry, resulting in a 30% market share in South Asia. In these early days PSPL has realized the potential of growing seed market in India.

Later after gaining years of experience in the seed industry, PSPL has built robust systems to handle day-to-day operations with standard operations processes and procedures (SOP’s) guided by Quality Management Systems. Adhering to stringent employee safety and environmental care, PSPL facilities and infrastructure are in par with global standards. In fact it is acclaimed that PSPL’s productivity and efficiency are superior and way above the benchmarks and standards set by Multinational Seed Companies (MNC’s).

Such has been the dynamic power of the organization that over the past 30 years, PSPL has evolved as global leader in providing end-to-end turnkey solutions for MNC’s in India. PSPL understands global seed companies priorities, helps bridges the gap between the farming communities and seed industry.